About Badger Juice

Badger Juice is a premium crafted maximum VG ejuice. Each flavor is painstakingly developed, tested and refined before going into production.

After development, all of our flavors are subjected to extensive consumer testing through our store in Franklin TN. Customer feedback is then used to further refine each flavor for maximum nuance and vapability. This process is repeated every three months, with the bottom performing flavors replaced with new designs. In this way Badger Juice is continuously refining our lineup of 50 world class ejuice offerings.

What's in our juice?


Vegetable Glycerin

We use only 99.7% pure Kosher certified palm kernel glycerin.

Palm kernel produces a smoother, sweeter glycerin. It makes flavors brighter, and gives a cleaner vape.

Palm kernel may be a little more expensive than the standard VG used in the industry, but when you're making a world class ejuice, there is no substitute.

Artificial and Natural Flavors

We use the same PG based flavor concentrates as artisinal candy makers. Each individual flavor has been tested and verified safe for use in our ejuice. MSDS sheets for individual flavor components are available upon request.

We strive to create the cleanest, simplest, and safest ejuice available. Wherever possible, Badger Juice uses natural flavors. It is Badger Juices philosophy that that fewer ingredients make a better vape.


Propylene Glycol

All of the PG in Badger Juice derives from our flavors. No additional PG is ever used. This results in a max VG blend, while maintaining flavor and viscosity.

At Badger Juice, we never add alcohol or distilled water to our ejuice. Fillers have no place here.

Pharmaceutical Nicotine

Our nicotine is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. We take every measure possible to ensure consistency and safety in our handling and distribution of nicotine.

Each bottle is clearly marked to prevent inadvertent nicotine exposure. Internal safegaurds are implemented to ensure proper use and inplementation.

What makes Badger Juice Max VG?

We refer to Badger Juice as a max VG juice, rather than identifying a specific ratio, because each of our flavors vary, depending on the flavor concentration. All of our flavors are a minimum of %70 VG though some of our lighter flavors are as high as 76%.

In the end, we feel that a specific ratio of VG is not the most critical metric of a good ejuice. Badger Juice is tried and tested. It is unbeaten in flavor and cloud production. 

At Badger Juice, we don't care about gimmicks. Just good juice.