The Story of Badger Juice

grate.pngWho We Are

Badger Juice is made with love in beautiful Franklin, TN. We pride ourselves on maintaining exacting standards in our small batch production. Small batch production means we can deliver a great variety of flavors while guaranteeing the consistency and quality our customers expect from us.

Badger Juice doesn’t want to be the biggest ejuice producer on the market; we just want to be the best. Quality is what makes Badger Juice great, and that is close to our hearts.

At Badger Juice, we don't make promises. We make certain.


badgerjuicelogo.pngHow We Began

Like so many ejuice companies, Badger Juice began in our home. 

Frustrated with our eliquid options, we searched for a satisfying product. Some flavors tasted acceptable for the first hour, just to later fall flat or develop an unpleasant aftertaste. If we found a vapable flavor, it was overpriced. Sampling flavors in local vape shops became a game of Russian Roulette for our tastebuds. If we wanted it done right, we'd have to do it ourselves.

Months of tackling the challenges of DIY yielded an important revelation; making a quality ejuice is no easy thing. With four simple ingredients, you'd think it would be a piece of cake. But just try making an ejuice that tastes like a piece of cake. Creating a repeatable process that produces a desirable quality product isn't simple. It took months of research and development to arrive at a formula that satisfied our high standards.

What started as an exercise in curiosity led to something exceptional. In the beginning we were only producing for our personal use. But it didn’t take long before friends and family were begging us to mix them up a batch of Crackberry or Down Under. We realized the only logical thing to do was give everyone an opportunity to try Badger Juice in a retail setting. Folks loved Badger Juice so much they sent it to their friends and family out of state. It was an overnight sensation in our community, and before we knew it, we were getting requests from people all over the country. Today, thebadgerhole.com, allows us to reach discerning vapers from all over the US.

Our Community

There is no Badger Juice without the vaping community. Our customers define us and give us a reason to get up in the morning. The connection to our customers needs to be cherished, whether through social media, direct contact, or community activism. We're more than a company. We are part of a movement. Through you, we are stronger. We strive to return that strength and honor the trust our loyal customers place in us.

If you have a cause you think Badger Juice can make a difference in, talk to us about it. Show us how we can make the world a better place, one vaper at a time.