10 Problems Only Vapers Will Understand

Posted by Kevin Pierce on Feb 16th 2015

10 Problems Only Vapers Will Understand

If your friends and family don't vape, then you may feel like you are suffering alone. But we're here to assure you,

the struggle is real.

The following are 10 frustrating problems only vapers will understand.

  1. Dead Batteries

    It doesn't matter how many you buy, or how disciplined you are about charging them. We all eventually find ourselves with a dead battery, and no spare. Stuck with a great mod and tasty juice with no way to vape it makes for a very sad vaper.

  2. Vape Tongue

    You finally found that juice that rocks your world. Every time you take a hit, rockets flare, birds sing, and angels dance. But a month later, you can't taste it anymore. It's like the vape gods have forsaken you. Well, there's only one thing to do. Set that holy elixir aside for a week or two. When you come back to it, things will be as they once were. Until the dreaded vape tongue returns.

  3. Leaking Tanks

    Every tank does it at some point. It may be a gusher. It may be a slow dribble. But eventually, everyone has to deal with a leaking tank. If you're lucky, it's a quick fix, and you can get back to vaping. If you're not so lucky, you've sacrificed many milliliters of precious ejuice before it was solved. One way or the other, tank leaks suck. But you can take solace in knowing we've all had them.

  4. Juice Hands

    Man, that juice gets everywhere. You're careful not to spill it, and you always make sure the cap is on tight. But when you go to check your phone, there's a big greasy smear across the screen. How did you get juice all over your fingers? Who the hell knows. 

  5. Dripping and Driving

    That last hit was a little on the dry side. You've been waiting for a chance to re-drip, but suddenly, the normal snarl of immobile traffic has parted like the Red Sea, and there's nothing but green lights as far as the eye can see.
    Do you dare to open that bottle of priceless ejuice while steering with your knee? Better to wait until it's safe. Traffic can't stay clear forever.

  6. Spilled Juice

    You should never cry over spilled milk. But ejuice costs a heck of a lot more than milk. You thought you had a grip on that bottle as you pulled out of your pocket. But next thing you know, it's sailing through the air like a kamikaze to dash itself upon the cold hard ground. Go ahead and shed a tear and offer up a moment of silence for all the ejuice that never got a chance to be vaped.

  7. Ran Out of Juice

    You'd swear that bottle was half full when you left the house. But here you are, shaking the last drops from the bottom, and wondering just how many hours it will be before you can get to a fresh bottle.

  8. No "Smoking" Policies

    Your favorite pub has decided that vaping is smoking. Or maybe they're claiming that people will become "confused" and think it's Ok to smoke inside. Whatever the reason, you can no longer vape inside. It's every business's right to determine their vaping policy, and there's nothing we can do about it. But do they have to lump us in with the smokers?

  9. The Dry Hit

    You've just taken a hit off a live volcano. You're absolutely sure your throat looks like a medium rare steak. It's going to take a week to get that taste out of your mouth.
    You've just taken a dry hit off your mod, and it's the worst thing you've ever done to yourself. Your only consolation is know that this experience will serve as a reminder. You won't make that mistake again.

  10. The Dry Hit

    OMG! You did it again? What is wrong with you?! Didn't you learn anything from the last time this happened?
    Apparently not.

Did we miss your favorite hardship of vaping?

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